Embedding Stream on own Webpage

Method 1:

Go to OneStream dashboard and click Accounts on the left sidebar.

Click Add Account and choose OneStream Live icon to add your channel.

Assign a name to your channel and click Connect.

Click on your "OneStream channel" under "Add accounts" option on the left sidebar.

Click Settings.

Click on "Get Embed code" button.

Copy the embed code to embed the stream on your website.

You can choose pre-defined size for your embed player or customize its size!

Method 2:

Schedule a stream on your OneStream channel.

Click "Create Event" option on the left side bar.

Select "Real time streaming" option.

Click on Embed settings, scroll down and copy the Embed code and add it to your website.

When the stream is Live on the OneStream channel, you will be able to watch it in OneStream player available in the real-time streaming section.

After upgrading to Professional Plan you must log-out and log-in back to your OneStream account.
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