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Why Social Destination is Locked after Downgrading the Subscription Plan?

When you downgrade your subscription, the social destinations exceeding the maximum allowed connected destinations limit will be locked automatically.

This is how the locked social destination will appear:

Oldest Connected Destinations are Locked First

You cannot schedule a live stream on a locked social destination. The system will automatically lock the social destination(s) that exceed the current subscription's limit. If you want to use a locked account, you first need to disconnect an existing connected account, then disconnect the locked destination and connect it again.

Accounts are locked starting from the oldest connected account first.

Example: if you have 15 social destinations connected and then downgrade to the Basic plan, which allows a maximum of 5 social destinations, 10 of your oldest connected destinations will be locked. The most recently connected 5 destinations will remain unlocked.


If you no longer need the locked social destination, you can disconnect it from your OneStream account. If you disconnect a social destination, any live stream(s) scheduled on that will also be deleted.


You can unlock your locked social destinations by upgrading your subscription plan.

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Updated on: 08/01/2023

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