Custom RTMP Streaming

RTMP (Real-Time Messaging Protocol) is a protocol used for video streaming. With custom RTMP social account in OneStream you can stream to any platform that you have a valid RTMP link and streaming key for.

Custom RTMP link opens up unlimited possibilities for users to stream their pre-recorded videos anywhere as long as they have a valid RTMP URL and streaming key. You can stream to for example twitch, or even you own RTMP server if you have any.

Here is a guide to help you setup streaming to some popular live streaming platforms using custom RTMP account.


We cannot guarantee the quality and stability of a custom RTMP stream since we do not know where the stream is being sent. We just "fire" the video packets to the RTMP URL provided. How the destination handles it is beyond our control. However following our Recommended video settings guideline will definitely minimize any chance of a hiccup.

It is recommended to test the validity of your custom RTMP account with a small test video file. If it runs successfully you can set up the real file for scheduling.
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