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What are the available Add-ons?

Add-ons are extra features that you can separately add on top of your existing subscription.

Add-ons can be purchased and cancelled anytime you want.

For example: You have Basic plan that allows you to stream for 30 min per video and you want to increase stream time to 45 min, you can simply purchase 15 min of extra stream time without needing to upgrade to Standard plan. Your monthly bill would be basic plan price plus add-on price and all other features of Basic plan will remain intact.

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Available Add-ons/Extras

Extra Stream Slots

+5 slots
+10 slots
+20 slots
+30 slots
+50 slots
+100 slots
+200 slots
+400 slots
+500 slots
+600 slots

Extra Stream Length

+15 mins
+60 mins
+120 mins
+180 mins

Extra Social Accounts

+5 accounts
+15 accounts
+25 accounts
+50 accounts
+100 accounts
+200 accounts

Extra Video Storage

+10 GB
+50 GB
+100 GB
+250 GB
+500 GB

Extra Team Members

+2 members
+4 members
+6 members
+10 members

Extra CDN Bandwidth

+1 TB
+5 TB
+10 TB
+50 TB
+100 TB
+250 TB

Cloud Storage Feature (For basic plan users only)

Cloud storage enabled

Unified Chat Feature (For Basic plan users only)

Unified Chat enabled

Custom Domain (For Standard plan users only)

Custom domain enabled

Remove OneStream branding (For Basic plan users only)

Disable OneStream watermark

Updated on: 06/09/2022

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