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What are sub-affiliates?

Sub-affiliates are affiliates that are invited by you to participate in OneStream affiliate marketing. OneStream affiliate marketing allows you to recruit other affiliates and earn 10% commission based on the earnings of your sub-affiliates.

e.g. Your sub affiliate generates a sale of $200. He will be paid $110 commission (55% of $200). You will earn 10% of his earnings i.e 10 & * $110 = $11.
This is a great way to quickly grow your earnings by motivating other affiliates to join OneStream affiliate marketing. The more sales your sub-affiliates generate, the more you earn.

In your affiliate dashboard you can see Sub-affiliates tab in the top menu bar.

From this page you can grab the recruitment link to share it with your friends.

The recruitment link is similar to a referral link, just that it doesn't set a cookie and sends visitors to the affiliate sign up page instead of the OneStream's homepage.

You can also view your sub-affiliates and how many customers each sub-affiliate has brought in. The more customers a sub-affiliate has the more commission he will generate for you.

Updated on: 09/22/2019

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