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What are different types of team members roles?

Team Member Roles

When you add a team member to your team and grant him access to one of your managed social accounts, there are different types of roles you can grant.

Content Creator
Content Manager
New Role

Content Creator

A content creator can upload and schedule a video on the social accounts he has been given access to, but cannot publish it without team owner's approval

Content creator can however modify, delete or stop an ongoing stream.

When a content creator creates a stream it will move to pending tab in his and team owner's dashboard. Only a team owner or a content manager can approve the stream. Without approval the schedule will never go live.

Content Manager

Content manager, in addition to what content creator can do, also publish a stream to team owners' social account.
Content Managers can also approve a stream created by a content creator. However to do this they must be content manager on the same account on which content creator has created a stream

New Role

New Role allows you to assign different roles and grant access of selected or all features to your team members as per your requirements. You can add up to five new team member roles and grant permissions on them.

Schedule without approval and Schedule needs approval of Team Owner cannot be selected at the same time as it will be contradictory.

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Updated on: 09/14/2022

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