OneStream Add-ons and Extras

Add-ons are extra features that you can separately add on top of your existing subscription.

Add-ons can be purchased and cancelled anytime you want.

For example: You have basic plan ($10) that allows you to stream for 15 min per video and you want to increase stream time to 30 min, you can simply purchase 15 min of extra stream time for $10 without needing to upgrade to Standard plan ($45). Your monthly bill would become $20 and all other features of basic plan will remain intact.

How to apply Add-ons/Extras

Choose your desired add-on and hit Apply button.

Click Apply again on the pop up window.

Note: Whatever you purchase in Add-on, is added on top of your existing plan. e.g If you purchase 10 extra stream slots then your new total stream slots = your existing slots + new slots

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