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How to verify your custom domain?

Verifying your Custom Domain

Login to OneStream Live.

On the left sidebar, click My Live Webpage under the Live Spaces section.

Click Domain Settings on the left sidebar.

Enter your Basic domain name and click on the Check Availability button. You can enter any basic domain as long as it is available.

You need to setup basic domain first in order to set a custom domain.

Add your own custom sub-domain and click on the Start Verification button to verify your domain ownership.

Verifying via HTML File:

Choose the HTML file upload method for verification of your Custom Domain.

Download the provided verification file.

This file is unique to you; it cannot be used to identify anyone else, and is associated with your account & domain name.

Upload the HTML verification file to your website so that it will be available at the address specified in the verification details page. This is typically the root directory for your property. (That is, if you define your property as, and the file provided is named 1234.txt, then the file should be browsable at

Go back to Domain Settings and complete verification by clicking Verify button.

Verifying via CNAME:

Choose the CNAME method for verification of your Custom Domain.

Head over to your domain registrar and configure the following settings

Name: If your custom domain name is then name would be john (you must be the owner of domain). In some domain registrars you may have to enter the full domain like but that is not common

Target: Enter in the target field

Switch off Proxy status.

Set TTL to Auto.

Go back to your domain settings in OneStream Live. Select CNAME Verification method and click Verify button.

Depending on the chosen method and your domain name registrar, the verification can take anywhere from few seconds to few hours.

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Updated on: 11/05/2022

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