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How to use Snap Cam with OneStream Live Studio?

Snap Camera allows you to apply filters and backdrop while using your computer's webcam and make your live stream more entertaining.

Setting up the Snap Camera

Download Snap Camera for Windows or macOS. Agree to the terms and install the app.

Run the Snap Camera app and click on the Next button. Read the instructions and click on Finish button to open the app.

Once the app is open you will see your webcam feed and a long list of Snapchat filters.

Using Snap Camera filter with OneStream Live Studio

Snap Camera can be used with Onestream Live Studio to bring the magic of snap lenses to live streams and share the moments with audience in a fun way! It can be set up before creating a broadcast as well as during a live session using OneStream Live Studio.

Setting up Snap camera before creating a broadcast

Login to OneStream Live Studio and click Settings

Click on the dropdown arrow below camera and select the Snap Camera from the dropdown menu.

Setting up Snap camera after creating a broadcast

After creating a broadcast, camera settings can be changed from the control panel at the bottom or from the left sidebar.

Click on the Video Input dropdown and select Snap Camera

The Snap Camera filter will be applied to your stream.

You can also change your Snap Camera filters during your live streams. Just go to Snap Camera and change the filter and it will reflect on your broadcast within OneStream Live Studio

What are snap filters and how do they add visual appeal to your live streams? Read Here.

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Updated on: 03/06/2023

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