Streaming to Popular Destinations via Custom RTMP

With the introduction of custom RTMP streaming in OneStream you can stream your pre-recorded videos almost anywhere as long as they have a valid RTMP URL and streaming key. Make sure RTMP URL/Key is valid at the time of streaming! 

Here we will explain how to set up streaming for some popular live streaming destinations via OneStream:

Open OneStream dashboard
Add Accounts
Click Configure under Custom RTMP

Following window opens. Add the following information. 

Platform Name can be anything you choose
Server or RTMP URL starts with rtmp:// which can be obtained from the destination where you plan to stream. Check below to get RTMP URL for some popular platforms.
Streaming Key

Custom RTMP Configuration on OneStream


Create an account at
Click the Username on the top right and select the Dashboard option.
Under Dashboard left hand sidebar, select Settings → Channel → Stream Key → Show Key → Copy the Stream Key (The stream key is unique for every individual account. Do not share it with anyone).
For the RTMP Server URL, go to and select the URL as per your location. Leave the {stream_key} part from the URL. For example for Dallas TX USA copy rtmp:// .
Copy the RTMP URL and Stream key to OneStream custom RTMP account setting.
Click Connect to OneStream.

Facebook Event

Create an event on Facebook.
Visit and click "Create Live Stream"
Select Share in an event from right side under post tab.
Type the event name and title.
Check Use a persistent stream key.
Copy the RTMP URL and streaming key to OneStream custom RTMP social account settings.

Click Connect to OneStream.
After you have scheduled a video for this RTMP social account come back to
Once you see your stream appearing click Go Live to send the stream to your event.

It is very important to understand that you have to click Go Live yourself for the video to be actually sent as live stream in an event. Just scheduling it from OneStream dashboard will not send it as live in the event.


Go to
Create an account.
Create an event and/or select an event.
Select Live tools → RTMP input.
Select get link.
Get the RTMP and the stream keys for use with OneStream custom RTMP social account.


Log in to DaCast :
Click Add. Create a Live Channel.
Select the channel. Under Encoder Setup, select your encoder.
Note the Stream URL, Stream Name (the stream key), plus the login and password details.
In OneStream dashboard, enter these details in the Custom RTMP social account settings
In RTMP URL enter your username and password together as shown below:

rtmp://username:password@<full rtmp url>

In Stream Key enter your DaCast stream name and click Connect to OneStream

DaCast Custom RTMP Configurations

Start your live broadcast. You can watch the stream on DaCast by clicking Preview.


Go to
Create an account.
Go to the broadcaster portal at
From the main menu, select LiveStream Keys.
Enter the provided server URL and stream key into OneStream custom RTMP social account settings.
Click Connect to OneStream.

Workplace by Facebook

From your Workplace account, type /live/create after the URL in your browser.

Click Create Live Stream at the top of the page.

On the right-side bar, click Share on Your Timeline, specify where you would like the stream to be broadcast with the drop-down menu, and check Use a persistent stream key.

Copy the RTMP URL and streaming key to OneStream custom RTMP social account settings, and Click Connect to OneStream. Now schedule the stream on your desired time and date. On the set time and date go to your Workplace browser. You should be able to see the video preview. When your video is ready, click Go Live to send the stream to event/group.

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