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How to use cloud storage feature for uploading videos to Onestream?

Importing video files from common cloud storage platforms.

To use cloud storage feature, you must be subscribed to Standard or Professional plan or have purchase cloud storage Add-on on top of Basic plan.


Either click New Stream from the sidebar or click New Stream button on the top and select Recorded Stream.

Select the Cloud Storage platform from where you want to import the video. In this article, we will use Dropbox as an example.

A pop-up for sign-in will appear. Sign in to your Cloud Storage platform's account.

After signing in. select your file to upload.

Click Choose.

Your file will be fetched directly from Dropbox (or Google Drive/OneDrive if you choose to import file from there).

While your download is in progress, you can fill out the necessary fields like title, description etc.

Method -2


Click on Videos.

Click on My uploads.

Select your Cloud Storage (Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive etc.)

Select your file and click Choose.

Updated on: 10/31/2022

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