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How to stream live on an existing event of YouTube using external RTMP source?

Live streaming on an existing YouTube event.

Visit your YouTube live stream event and click Schedule Stream.

Click CREATE NEW or REUSE SETTINGS (If you have saved your settings previously)

Enter Event Name, set Privacy, add description, choose Category, set event start time and date, Change Thumbnail, choose Audience and hit CREATE button.

If you set your audience to kids some features like personalized ads and live chat won't be available on live streams.

Configuring OBS with OneStream to Send Live Stream to the YouTube Existing Event.

Start OBS and select your desired source of media.

Press the Start Streaming button when you are ready.

It may take 15-20 seconds for the OBS stream to appear in OneStream video player.

Once stream is recieved, you can click the toggle button beside your YouTube channel and select Existing Events tab.

Choose your Event.

Click Continue.

Your Stream will start and preview on your YouTube channel.

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Updated on: 11/03/2022

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