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How to setup your personalized webpage on OneStream Live?

Live Spaces

Creating a personalized webpage for live streaming via OneStream Live

Login to OneStream.

On the left sidebar, click My Live Webpage under Live Spaces section.

Choose your desired built-in template from template section and click Customize Design button.

Click on Page Settings from the left sidebar. You can also click anywhere on the webpage to start editing.

Modify the Sidebar, Logo, Headline, Description, Call-to-action Button, Contact details etc by clicking on the edit icon. You can also remove these options from the webpage by turning off the toggle bar. Font style, size and color are also customizable.

Changing Social Media Links

Select Social Media Settings from the left sidebar and click on Edit.

If you do not wish to display social platform icons on the webpage, you can turn off the toggle bar.

Select the desired social media accounts and enter the link to social media handles in the relevant fields on the left sidebar. You can edit icons background colors, icon colors as well as hover icon and background colors. Once you finish editing and adding the social media handles click Save button.

Only 4 social media links can be added and displayed on your hosted webpage at a time.

Changing Layout Settings

Under Page Background section, click on the edit icon right next to Background.

To change the background image of the webpage Select the desired background from default Images or you can upload directly from computer storage, drag-drop the image, paste the image link with supported extensions (jpeg, .jpg & .png) and click Update button.

Changing Background of the Embed player

Select Embed Player from the left sidebar or click on Edit button to change Player background of the hosted Webpage.

Select your desired background and click Apply.

Publishing your design

Click Templates from left sidebar and go to My recent designs section.

Click Publish button.

Configuring your own domain

Click Domain Settings on the left sidebar.

Enter your domain name and click Check Availability button.

You can also add your own custom sub-domain by entering it in "custom domain section" and verifying the ownership of the custom domain through HTML File upload or DNS CNAME verification methods. Click Verify button to verify your domain ownership. Depending on the chosen method and your domain name registrar the verification process can take up to 24 hours.

You need to setup the basic domain first in order to set custom domain.

Configuring Analytics

Click on Configure Analytics from the left sidebar.

Click on the platform from which you want to track the data. Follow the given instructions to set up tracking, paste the ID in the specified field and click Save.

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Updated on: 03/06/2023

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