Configuration of Ecamm Live with OneStream

Login to Ecamm Live.

Choose your desired mode of live streaming.

Make sure your mode of stream shows up in the Scenes section. (By default its on built-in camera mode).

Click gear icon to open Ecamm Live Preferences and click Stream section.

By default Ecamm Live is set to compatible stream settings.

Click Destination and choose Custom Stream Key.

Open OneStream web app and go to Dashboard. Now click on Create Event either from the top menu bar or from the left side bar.

Click on Real-time and then Select Go Live Now.


Copy Server URL and Stream Key from OneStream RTMP settings.

Paste Server URL and Stream Key copied from OneStream to Ecamm Live stream settings and click Use Custom Stream Key.

Click Go Live on Ecamm Live default scene section.

Once the video appears in OneStream Dashboard click the toggle button beside your desired social accounts to send the stream to multiple destinations at once.

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