How to secure your embed player live stream

There are three possible security settings of OneStream Live's embed player that displays your live stream.

Password Protected
Domain Restricted

Go to OneStream Dashboard and click on Create Event and select Real time streaming.

Click on Embed Settings and scroll down to Embed Security.

In the Embed Security tab you will find three methods for embed security.


Unsecured, as the name suggests, means the embed player can be used on any webpage and the stream can be viewed by anyone. This is the default setting.

Password Protected

In this case, you can set a username and password on your live stream. Those who do not have the credentials will not be able to view it.

You can always update the username and password by clicking on the Edit button

Once your stream goes live, it will ask for the credentials that you have set in OneStream on your website.

Domain Restricted

This security setting allows you to restrict the embed player to a specific domain(s). The live stream will only be visible on the webpages/domains that are entered in embed player setting in your OneStream dashboard.

Click the + button to add multiple domains. Make sure that Auto start option on your OneStream channel is enabled.

After selecting your method of security you can copy the code and embed it on your website.

Note: The embed code is different in each of the above mentioned security methods for embedding a live stream.

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