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How to schedule external RTMP source live event?

Schedule Live Event

The external RTMP source Live Event can be scheduled in advance within OneStream. Here are the steps :

Either click New Stream on the sidebar or click New Stream button on the top.

Go to RTMP Source.
Click Schedule Live Events

Set the following event details and click Next-Add Destinations

Set the event Title, Description and Tags.

Event title, description and tags

Set the Date & Time when the Live Event is planned to start. Event Announcement can also be set at the time of scheduling the Live Event.

Event date & time

Toggle on the desired destination platforms and click Confirm.

The scheduled Live Event will appear in Scheduled Live Events section.

Once the announcement is made, you will see an Event Announcement Triggered tag next to your scheduled event.

At the set time, an announcement on destination platform will be sent.

Announcement on Facebook Page/Group/Profile

Event Announcement is only supported for Facebook (Pages, Groups, Profile) and YouTube New Event.

Make sure to start your external RTMP source live event from the third party software within 10 mins of the scheduled time, otherwise your event will be removed.

Start the video in your Encoder and once the stream appears on OneStream Player, click the toggle button Go Live in OneStream dashboard to push the external RTMP source stream to your social platforms.

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Updated on: 11/03/2022

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