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How to save Instagram live streams to IGTV

Saving Instagram live streams to IGTV

Method 1: Save via InstaFeed

Log into InstaFeed using your Instagram credentials.

Click on Broadcast History.

Click on Share to IGTV next to the stream you want to save to IGTV.

Enter a title, description, cover image and hit the Share to IGTV button.

The live stream will be saved to IGTV.

Method 2: Save Via Instagram

You must activate the option to save your live streams on Instagram after they end

Activating the option to save live streams on Instagram

Open your Instagram App and go to Settings.

Go to Privacy.

Scroll down to Live

Under Savings, toggle on the Save Live to Archive option.

Your future Instagram Live streams will be saved to archive and accessible for 30 days.

Saving live streams from Archive to IGTV

Go to your Instagram profile page and go to Archives.

Open the dropdown menu from Stories Archive and go to Live Archives.

Open the live stream that you want to share to IGTV and hit Share button.

Add a description and click Share and your Live stream will be shared to IGTV.

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Updated on: 02/28/2022

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