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How to restrict the OneStream Embed Player to Specific Domain?

To enable domain restriction, Live streaming must be enabled on OneStream channel.

Connecting OneStream channel and Enabling Live streaming

Go to OneStream dashboard and click on Accounts > Add account option on left sidebar and select ONESTREAM LIVE.

Assign a name to your OneStream channel and click on Connect.

In the left sidebar, click on New Stream and select RTMP Source.

Select Go Live now.

Toggle on the Enable button for Onestream channel.

Restricting Embed Player to Specific Domain(s)

You can restrict the Embed Player to specific Domain(s) and the live stream will not be visible on any other URL.

Select Embed Player from Live Spaces in the left sidebar.

Click on Security and select Domain Restricted.

Enter your desired domain where you wish to live stream. Click on plus sign +, at the right side.

You will see the pop-up Domains Updated Successfully.

You can continue to add more domains in similar way. Maximum of 10 domains are allowed.

Caveat for Wix Website

If you created your website in Wix website builder and are using Wix's own embed widget you must replace the dots (.) with a dash (-) in the website name and append in the end of the domain name that you will enter in OneStream's embed player settings.

Carefully check your website address in your browser's address bar. If there is no www in the address bar then don't add www prefix in the domain name in OneStream dashbaord.


Your website is The domain name you should enter in the embed player settings, to restrict the live stream only to your website will be
Similarly if the website address is then the domain name to enter in Embed player settings becomes

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Updated on: 11/06/2022

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