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How to respond to comments via Unified Chat?

Respond to comments via Unified Chat.

With Unified Chat, you can efficiently manage your viewers' incoming messages, comments & replies from multiple social platforms streaming with our RTMP Source and Live Spaces features within OneStream Live.

Unified Chat is only available for Facebook Page, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch at this moment.

Only professional and standard plan users can use Unified Chat feature. Basic plan users can apply Unified chat as an Add-on

Managing Unified Chat for External RTMP source live streaming

In the Multicasting section once your stream goes Live on social platforms, click on Unified Chat button or you can also click on the Unified Chat vertical tab pop-up on the right:

Chat window will appear on the right side. Click on the Private Chat icon from the top and comments from all the social platforms will be showed on this window:

To reply to all social accounts, select Send To All. Type your comments, replies and emojis and click on the send button to deliver your chat.

To reply to comments on your desired social account, select the desired social account from popover menu.

Managing Unified Chat for Live Spaces

To manage your viewer's incoming messages and comments while streaming on your personalized webpage, make sure that you have connected your OneStream channel.

From the left-hand side menu, click on My Live Webpage:

Click on Templates button on the left-hand side menu and under My recent designs, Publish the design of your webpage.

Click on Domain Settings from the left-hand side menu and then click on Open site in a new tab to go to your webpage.

Once you have your OneStream channel connected and your personalized webpage design published, go live on the channel either through pre-recorded video, external RTMP Source or Studio.

On your webpage, your viewers can click on Live Chat pop-up and enter their comments:

You can view and reply to your viewers' comments from your OneStream dashboard. To view chat, click on the Private Chat.

You can reply to the comments by clicking on the send button:

For Custom Domains, please follow the steps below to set up Live Chat on your Embed Player.

Managing Unified Chat for Embed player

From the left-hand side menu, click on Embed Player

Click on the arrow for drop-down menu for Chat from the pop-up.

Turn on the toggle to Enable chat.

Choose the streaming type i.e. if you are embedding a Pre-recorded stream or an External RTMP Source stream.

Click on the Generate New Code button.

A new embed code will be generated if you change the streaming type. There will be different embed codes for Pre-recorded and external RTMP source streaming.

Copy the embed code and paste it in your website.

Go live on your OneStream Channel (using Pre-Recorded or external RTMP Source streaming) for the stream to show up on your Embed Player. Click Here

The viewers will be asked to enter their name for the Chat.

The viewers will be able to see the chat widget along with the embed player.

What is OneStream Live unified chat? Read Here.

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Updated on: 03/06/2023

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