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How to reset Twitter account permissions?

Resetting Twitter Account Permissions

To ensure uninterrupted streaming the Twitter account must be authorized. The simplest way to reset account permissions for Twitter account is to disconnect and reconnect it to OneStream.

Go to "Add accounts" section on the sidebar, and go to the Twitter account that you wish to disconnect.

Click Disconnect.

Click Disconnect.

Now click Add account under Accounts section on the sidebar.

Click on Twitter button to connect.

You will be redirected to Twitter.

Enter your Twitter username or login email, then enter Password.

Click on Authorize app after which your Twitter account will be connected successfully.

Advanced Troubleshooting:

In case the above-mentioned process does not work for you, follow these steps to reset permissions for your Twitter account:

Go to OneStream dashboard and disconnect your Twitter account.

Log in to your Twitter account which requires re-authorization and select three dots on the left sidebar.

Click Settings and Privacy.

Click Security and Account Access.

Select Apps and Sessions.

Select Connected Apps.

Select OneStream Live.

Click Revoke App Permissions.

Now go to OneStream dashboard and re-connect your Twitter account.

Each Twitter account needs to be authorized separately.

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Updated on: 11/05/2022

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