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How to Optimize Recording in OneStream Live Studio?

Optimizing Recording in OneStream Live Studio

Login to OneStream Live Studio and click Record button on the control panel.

On the pop-up window, enter recording title, check box Optimize Recording and click Start.

If you do not click the checkbox of Optimize Recording then the video recording will not show up in the recording section of "Share media" on the control panel.

Click Record to start recording and when you wish to stop the recording, click Stop on the small pop-up window.

Click the small arrow beside the Record button on the control panel and click My Recordings.

Click the three dots on the bottom right corner of your recording and choose the option of Download to download the recording.

When you click the checkbox of Optimize Recording, the video can be downloaded and it can be added in the overlay in mp4 format from Share Media section.

Click the small arrow beside Share. Select the option of "My Uploads" and from the drop-down menu, click Studio Recordings.

Select the saved recording under Studio Recordings.

Click Add to Staging for the recording to show up on the participant panel or click Add to Stream to add the recording directly to the overlay for streaming.

You can also set the number of loops for your recording or mark the checkbox of loop forever.

The recording will be added to overlay which can be streamed to the desired streaming destinations.

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Updated on: 07/31/2023

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