Live Streaming on Microsoft Team

Microsoft Stream is currently unavailable for work email addresses.

Click on Create and select Live Event.

Fill the name and description fields. Add a thumbnail, and from the Start event, select "As soon as the encoder is connected" option and click on the Publish button.

Press on Start Setup button.

From "Select encoder" option below, choose Configure manually.

Copy the Server Ingest URL

You will need to create a new live event from Microsoft team for every live stream

Go to OneStream dashboard and on the left sidebar click Accounts > Add Accounts. Then click on the Custom RTMP button to connect social account.

Add all the details to connect the Custom RTMP social account.

Assign a name of your choice to your Microsoft team social account.

Paste the Server Ingest URL in the Server URL box.

Write down anything in the Stream key field, such as "MicrosoftKey"

If you wish, modify live streaming ingestion parameters like FPS, Video Bitrate, Key frames etc. Leave them to default if you are not sure.

Click Connect to OneStream.

Newly configured custom RTMP social account will be added.

Schedule a live stream or go live in real-time on your Microsoft social account in OneStream.

The event will not go live in the Microsoft account until you start the event from Microsoft team. Make sure to schedule the stream a minute in the future in OneStream, so you get the time to start the event in the Microsoft team or go live in real-time after starting the event from Microsoft team.

Go to your Microsoft Stream account and click on Start Event and the event will start broadcasting.

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