Live stream on Hopin

Log in to Hopin and click on Create Event under your organization.

Enter event Name, set the Date & Time of the event start and end, select the Time zone, choose the other preferences and hit Create Event button.

Click Setup on the left sidebar and select Tickets from the drop-down menu.

Click on Add Ticket to enter the details.

Label the ticket e.g. "VIP Ticket", set the Price, enter Description, choose the number of registrations and hit Create Ticket button. You can create multiple tickets based on your event requirement.

Click Publish Event.

Click Stage on the left sidebar, click RTMP Stream tab and copy the Stream Key.

Go to your OneStream dashboard, click Add Accounts and click on Hopin icon.

Paste the Stream Key and the Server URL and hit Connect to OneStream.

Now you can schedule a stream on this social account or go live in real-time How to set up real-time live streaming Incase of a pre-recorded stream make sure the schedule start time in OneStream is after the the event start time in Hopin.

To view your stream in Hopin, click Preview from the event setting in Hopin or go to view registration page and then join event.

Click Preview button.

Click on Stage on the left sidebar to preview the Live stream.

Note: Every Hopin event has a unique stream key. If you create a new event Hopin you must edit the existing Hopin social account or add a new one.

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