Live stream on WOWZA via custom RTMP

Login to WOWZA Streaming Cloud.

Click Live Streams tab and click Add Live Stream.

Give your Live Stream a name.

Choose a location that is nearest to you. Click Next.

Select Other RTMP from the list of encoders.

Choose Push Stream and click Next.

Select your playback settings as per your needs. You can leave this section as default if you are not sure.

Under Hosted Page Settings you can set up the live stream to be displayed on a specific webpage hosted by WOWZA. Give the title and description of the live stream for the hosted page in this section.

Review your settings and click Finish.

Click Video Source Transcoder and scroll down to look for Secure Connection Information.

This is the information you need to enter in OneStream.

In OneStream dashboard under Accounts click Add account and click WOWZA.

Change the social account name if you wish.

Copy the Primary Server information and Stream name from WOWZA to the Server URL and Stream Key field respectively.

In the Authentication field copy Source Username and Source Password from WOWZA.

Click Connect to OneStream.

Click Start Live Stream in WOWZA. Now your WOWZA account is ready for live streams from OneStream Live.

Now you can schedule a stream on this newly configured WOWZA social account. Your live stream will be visible in your WOWZA dashboard.
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