Going live on Mixcloud using recorded video

To live stream pre recorded videos to Mixcloud via OneStream, you will need to connect Mixcloud using the stream key for your channel.

Getting Mixcloud Event Stream Key

Login to Mixcloud and start a New Broadcast. Give the Stream Name and continue.

Copy the Stream Key.

Remember: Each time you stream, you will require to copy new stream key and edit already connected Mixcloud account on OneStream.
Once the window is closed, the next time you open you will get a new stream key, so keep Mixcloud window open until the stream is live from OneStream.

Configuring Mixcloud with OneStream

From the sidebar click Add Account.
Choose Mixcloud from the list of social account to connect.

Choose Mixcloud to connect

Paste the stream key that was copied in step 4 above.
Click Connect to OneStream button.

Paste Stream Key & Connect

After connecting Mixcloud, schedule a new live stream. How to create a new scheduled stream

Once the stream starts going live you will be able to see it on Mixcloud window that was still open from step 2 above.
Click GO LIVE NOW on Mixcloud to send the stream forward to Mixcloud channel.

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