Before you begin

Your stream key is only valid for 2-3 min. Every time you want to stream you have to enter a new stream key. This restriction is only for Instagram.

We highly recommend that you upload your video to OneStream before you continue with below mentioned steps (paid plans only). Alternatively you can schedule the video on a Instagram social account and edit your stream key & RTMP URL 1-2 min before you go live.

Use portrait videos. Landscape videos will not appear correctly on Instagram.

Live stream on Instagram

To stream live on Instagram from your OneStream account, you need a third party app like Yellow Duck or Insta Feed. These are free solutions that help you get RTMP URL and Stream Key for your Instagram account.

Either you can download Yellow Duck (Windows / Mac) or use online solution Insta Feed.

Important! OneStream did not develop, own or is associated in any way with Yellow Duck or Insta Feed. So, if you find issues with these softwares, please contact their support directly for help.

Steps to configure

Get the Stream URL & Key using Yellow Duck or Insta Feed

Insta Feed (Recommended)

Open Insta Feed and enter your Instagram account username and password.

Click CREATE NEW BROADCAST button. Your Stream Key will be displayed.

Instagram Stream Key & URL using Insta Feed

Intafeed provides first 5 streams for free. After that it will cost you 10 streams = 10$/month, 50 streams = 40$/month, 100 streams = 70$/month and Unlimited streams = 100$/month

Yellow Duck

Open Yellow Duck App on your desktop and enter your Instagram account username and password.

Instagram Stream Key for your Instagram account will be displayed.

Your key is valid only for approximately 3 minutes, so make sure not to delay, and use the key to start the stream before it expires.

Instagram Stream URL & Key using Yellow Duck

Setup your Instagram account on OneStream by entering your Stream Key. In OneStream dashboard under Accounts click Add account and click Instagram button.

Give your custom social account a name of your choice, for example, My Instagram Stream, My Custom Account etc.

Add Instagram Stream key that you copied from Insta Feed or Yellow Duck application in the Stream Key field.

Click Connect to OneStream.

Now you can stream a video on this Instagram account and it will be live streamed to your followers on Instagram.

Keep in mind that you cannot see your stream from your profile or your live status on Instagram. To view your stream, log in to Instagram from a different account and view it in real-time as your followers would do. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to see your live stream from the same account. Only followers can view the stream.

WARNING: Do not close Yellow Duck app while the live stream is in progress

Closing the Yellow Duck app will cause the live stream to break. Only close yellow duck tv when you want to get a new RTMP key

Edit existing Instagram stream key

Every time you want to stream on Instagram you must get a new stream key and edit it in your Instagram Channel.

Click on the Instagram account on your left hand side bar, under Add Accounts.


Click EDIT button.

Edit only your new Stream Key as the URL remains the same.

Every time you want to stream you must get a new stream key and configure it in OneStream. Unfortunately this is the only way if you want to stream on Instagram. Instagram users can livestream a video for up to 60 minutes at a time.
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