Live stream recorded video on Instagram

To stream live a recorded video to Instagram from your OneStream account, you need a third party app like Instafeed.

Before you begin

Use portrait videos. Landscape videos will not appear correctly on Instagram.
Instagram allows a maximum stream time of 1 hour per video.

Important: OneStream does not own or have developed Instafeed. So, if you find issues with it, please contact their support directly for help.

DO NOT click Create New Broadcast on Instafeed

Steps to configure

Get the Sync Secret URL from Instafeed

Open Instafeed and enter your Instagram username & password.

Copy SYNC SECRET URL (You will need to paste this sync secret URL in step 3 below)

Copy Sync Secret URL from Instafeed
DO NOT click Create New Broadcast on Instafeed

Setup your Instagram account on OneStream

Go to OneStream dashboard and on the sidebar click Accounts
Click Add Account
Click Instagram button to add

Add Instagram account

Add Instagram details:

Give your Instagram social account a name of your choice, for example, My Instagram Stream, Instagram account, etc.
Open Server URL dropdown
Choose Use Sync URL
Now paste the Sync Secret Key copied from Instafeed in the Sync URL section

Click Connect to OneStream.

Open dropdown options under Server URL

Choose: Use Sync URL

Paste Sync URL copied from Instafeed

Now you can upload & stream a recorded video on this Instagram account and it will be live streamed to your followers on Instagram.

Keep in mind that you cannot see your stream from your profile or your live status on Instagram. To view your stream, log in to Instagram from a different account and view it in real-time as your followers would do. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow you to see your live stream from the same account. Only followers can view the stream.
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