Login to FC2 Live.

Click Begin Live Broadcast.

Choose category by clicking the Please select a category drop down menu.

Fill in the Live Broadcast Settings form, click Save button, choose category again and click Broadcast after accepting the Terms of Use.

Go to https://live.fc2.com/member?page=broadcast & click Use Broadcast Software.

Click Yes.

Check Allow and click Close.

Click Allow.

Copy Channel URL and paste it another tab (If you do not open this Channel URL by copy and paste in another tab, your stream will fail).

Go to https://live.fc2.com/profile_edit/ to copy RTMP URL and Stream Key.

Visit OneStream dashboard. Click Accounts > Add Account and click FC2 Live button.

Enter your Platform Name, Paste Streaming Key and click Connect to OneStream.

Now you can schedule a video on this configured FC2 Live social account.
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