Live Stream pre-recorded videos on a Facebook Event

Create an event on Facebook.

Go to your Facebook Event page.

Then, click on Live Video.

Select Connect and choose Share in an Event.

Type the event name and title.

Do not check persistent stream key.
Copy the streaming key.

Do not check persistent stream key if you are streaming to a Facebook event

In OneStream dashboard under Accounts click Add account and click Custom RTMP.

Give your custom social account a name of your choice, for example My Channel, My Event etc.

Select Facebook from the drop down list under Choose Platform.

Paste Streaming Key that you copied from Facebook in the Stream key field.

Click Connect to OneStream.

Come back to

Click Schedule and set your desired time and date.

After setting time and date, click Schedule.

Go back to OneStream dashboard, upload the video and schedule it on the same custom RTMP social account you connected above. Schedule a stream by setting time 1 minute ahead of scheduled time on Facebook.

For example if you have scheduled video on Facebook at 10:00 set the scheduled time in OneStream to be 10:01. This is to prevent any stream cut at the beginning of the video due to slight time difference between Facebook's and your computer's clock

Your stream will now automatically start at the scheduled time on your Facebook Event.

If you want to go live immediately, then you should not schedule the video on page, but rather stay on that page and schedule the video from OneStream. Once the video appears in Facebook, click Go Live at the bottom right corner. Just scheduling it from OneStream dashboard will not send it as live in the group in this case.
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