Live Streaming on Twitter using Media Studio

To stream on Twitter you need to have Twitter Media Studio enabled on your Twitter account.

Live Streaming on Twitter using Media Studio

When the Twitter media studio option is available on your Twitter account, kindly follow the steps below to live stream on Twitter.

Go to your Twitter account and click More on left sidebar.

Click Media Studio.

Click Producer.

Click Sources > Create Source.

Enter Source Name, select your nearest Region.

Copy RTMP URL and Stream Key and click Done.

Click Broadcast > Live > Create Broadcast.

Enter Broadcast Name, select Category, choose Source and hit Create Broadcast.

Go to OneStream dashboard, click Accounts > Add Account on left sidebar and click Custom RTMP button.

Enter Social Account Name, paste Server URL and Stream Key that you copied from Twitter Media Studio and hit Connect to OneStream.

Upload the video to OneStream and set it to go live on your desired time and date.

Your stream will show up on Twitter Media Studio at the set time and date.

13. You need to hit Tweet button on each pop-up window in order to send the stream to Twitter Homepage and you need to click End from Twitter Media Studio when the stream finishes on your OneStream dashboard.

You need to create a new source for each new stream on Twitter Media Studio.

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