Live Streaming to LinkedIn

The LinkedIn Live feature is only available to the approved LinkedIn Live Broadcasters. Only the approved broadcasters for live videos will be able to live stream on LinkedIn Profile, Page and Events.

If you do not have an approved live video Broadcaster, then click here to apply.

Steps to Go live on LinkedIn:

Open Linked Broadcaster

Select "Go Live now", under New Stream option.

Select the level of visibility, add description, tags and the title of your stream.

Go to "Stream Settings" and select your nearest Region.

Click on Get URL.

Copy Stream URL and Stream Key.

It is recommended to schedule the stream to go live within the 30 minutes after generating the RTMP URL, otherwise the session will expire.

Go to OneStream live and click on Custom RTMP.

Assign a name to your Social Account.

Paste the Server URL and Stream Key.

Click on Connect to OneStream button.

Now your LinkedIn Live social account is connected to OneStream. You can go live on this social account. As soon as the stream is live, the preview will show up on the LinkedIn live broadcaster.

Click on "Go live" in the top right corner of the custom stream page to publish the stream.

Copy Stream Link

Go to LinkedIn Broadcaster and click on "Copy link to video" to copy the stream link.

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