How to Live Stream on an existing YouTube Event

Method 1 (Recommended)

Upload a video. Enter title, description, tags etc, select date and time.

Click YouTube social account on which you have an existing event.

Click Existing Event in the pop up window and check your desired Event.

Only Active and Upcoming events will be displayed

If you want to replace the Event Title, description and/or thumbnail with what you entered in OneStream dashboard click the appropriate check boxes.

Click Continue and click Schedule Stream button.

Method 2 ( via custom RTMP)

When you create a live stream with a YouTube social account, we create a new event on YouTube for every stream.
However you can use custom RTMP link streaming to send a video stream to a an already existing YouTube Streaming Event

Visit your YouTube live stream event

Click Live Control Room button next to your event.

YouTube Live Control Room

If you do not have any existing events or want to create a new one just click the New live event button at the top right.

Click Info and Settings tab and then Advanced settings. Scroll down and check Auto-Start and click Save Changes.

If you do not check auto start you have to be present on your computer and manually click Go Live from within YouTube event live control room when the stream starts. Otherwise viewers will not see it.

Click Ingestion Settings tab, check Single-use stream key, select your encoder as Other encoders, copy Stream Name/Stream Key and click Save changes.

YouTube Ingestion Settings

Copy Stream Name to Stream Key in OneStream custom RTMP account settings.

Primary Server URL will appear on Server URL bar by choosing platform as YouTube on custom RTMP account settings.

The Platform Name can be anything you want.

Configuring YouTube Event on OneStream Custom RTMP

Click Connect to OneStream.

Schedule a new Stream and choose this custom RTMP social account as your destination.
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