Facebook Group streaming without admin rights

You need admin rights on a Facebook group where you want to live stream your pre recorded videos via OneStream. When you have admin rights you can connect the group with OneStream and schedule streams on it.

However if you are only a group member, the only way to live stream on the group is by using custom RTMP streaming.

Open OneStream dashboard and click Add Accounts.

Click Custom RTMP.

Select Facebook under Choose Platform.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/live/create and click "Create Live Stream"

Select Share in a group from right side, under Post tab.

Type the group name and title of your stream.

Make sure persistent stream key is unchecked. (However if you plan to stream on only one group then keep this value checked)

Persistent stream key, as the name suggests, does not change. That means once you have you can stream on it over and over again. However, all your Facebook groups and your profile have the same persistent key. This means if you want to stream on multiple Facebook Groups at the same time you must uncheck persistent key. When stream key is not persistent it is only valid for a single stream. Every time you want to stream you must get a new stream key and configure it in OneStream. Unfortunately there is no other way if you want to stream on multiple Facebook groups using custom RTMP.

Copy Stream Key to Stream Key on OneStream custom RTMP social account settings.

Click Connect to OneStream.

After you have scheduled a video for this RTMP social account come back to https://www.facebook.com/live/create

Click Schedule and set your desired time and date.

After setting time and date, click Schedule.

Scheduled live videos must be scheduled between 10 minutes and 7 days (168 hours) from when you create them directly on Facebook.

Go back to OneStream dashboard, upload the video, schedule a stream by setting time 1 minute ahead of scheduled time on Facebook, and click Schedule Stream button.

For example if you have scheduled video on Facebook at 10:00 set the scheduled time in OneStream to be 10:01. This is to prevent any stream cut at the beginning of the video due to slight time difference between Facebook's and your computer's clock

If you do not want to schedule videos on Facebook live but want to go live immediately, then you must stay on Facebook.com/live/create page and click Go Live for the video to be actually sent as live stream in the selected group. Just scheduling it from OneStream dashboard will not send it as live in the group in this case.
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