Creating an online event on Facebook

To go Live on a Facebook event kindly follow the steps mentioned below:

Open Facebook and click What's on your mind? at the top of News Feed. Select Live Video option.

Click Schedule live video event in the left column of the Facebook live producer.

Select where you’d like to go live and the selected Facebook profile, page or group will be the host of the Facebook event. Assign your event a name, set date and time.

Now, copy persistent stream key and connect that event to OneStream through Custom RTMP account

Set the Additional details and Click Create Event.

Go to OneStream dashboard, click Accounts> add accounts option on left sidebar and select Custom RTMP.

Assign a name to your Custom RTMP social account & choose platform as Facebook.

Paste the Persistent stream key copied from Facebook Event.

Click Connect to OneStream.

10. Once Custom RTMP account is connected, Schedule a stream or go live in Real-time on that Custom RTMP social account via OneStream.

The stream will go live on the Facebook event at set date & time automatically!

Schedule the stream in OneStream by setting up the time to be 1 minute after the scheduled time on Facebook. For example, if you have scheduled video on Facebook at 10:00 set the scheduled time in OneStream to be 10:01. This is to prevent any stream cut at the beginning of the video due to a slight time difference between Facebook's and your computer's clock.

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