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How to join OneStream Live's Studio session using mobile app?

Joining OneStream Live's Studio session using Mobile app

Click on the studio session link provided by the Host to join the Studio session.

You will be redirected to OneStream Webapp. Click on Go to Mobile App button.

Enter your Username and Password, Click on the Sign In button to sign in to your OneStream account.

After signing in to your account, you will be redirected to OneStream Studio session.

Click on the "Rear camera" option to switch to rear camera view. You can also toggle on/off your mic or camera option as needed.

Enter your Display Name and click on the Join Meeting button.

After joining the Studio Session, you will be able to see the host on your mobile app. Moreover, If a host shares an External media that will also be visible on your screen.

Host can also add Guest participant(s) to the stream. The participant(s) added to the stream will be visible on the screen on mobile app.

7.. Click on the X button on the Control Panel to to Leave the Studio session.

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Updated on: 12/15/2022

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