Embed code for a live stream is available when the stream is in Live Now state or Event Notification has triggered.

Triggering Event Notification

Event Notification is triggered at the set Event Notification time. By default, no event notification is sent before going live. You can choose how long before the start of your stream you want to send the notification from Advanced Settings in new stream section.

Event notifications must be set to trigger at least 15 min before the start of the live stream

Event Notification Setting

Live State

At the scheduled time, the stream will go live on your chosen social accounts and the state will change to Live Now.

How to get the embed code

Click Schedules tab on the left-hand sidebar.

Click the Get Embed Code green </> button and copy the code.

Example: YouTube Embed Code

YouTube embed code example

NOTE: Embed code is not available for Facebook Profile, Facebook Groups and Periscope

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