Enabling Twitter Media Studio

To live stream on Twitter via OneStream Live, you must have access to the Twitter Media Studio and your Twitter account must be eligible for their Ads program.

Follow the steps below mentioned below to enable live stream on Twitter:

Go to Twitter Ads page and check if the advertisement page is unlocked.

You will see a message: Your account is ineligible to participate in the Twitter ads program. Learn more about Twitter Ads eligibility.

To get the eligibility of advertising, a Twitter account should comply with their ads policy, including:

Complete profile with non-GIF profile photo and a cover photo.
Ensure Two Factor authentication via Text, App or Security key.
Have functional business website URL in bio.
The account is some time old since it was created.
Have organic tweet activities such as tweets, following and follower accounts).

The advertising page may unlock in minimum 15 minutes to more than a month. The time duration to unlock the ads eligibility page is completely at the discretion of Twitter Team. If Media Studio still does not appear then file a ticket for Twitter to get their attention in order to get the eligibility

Once the user is eligible, the ads analytical page will become active.

Go to Twitter and click on more on the left sidebar.

The Media Studio will appear on the left side of the user's Twitter account.

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