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How to delete streaming history?

Deleting your streaming history

Pre-recorded schedules can be deleted. External RTMP Source schedules cannot be deleted.

From the left-side bar, click on Streaming History and then click on Own Social Streams.

To delete a single schedule, either click on the bin icon on that particular schedule or check the box on the left to select the schedule and click on the delete button from the top.

In order to select more than one schedules, check the box on the left of those schedules and click on the Delete button from the top to delete them.

To delete all schedules on a particular page, you can select Select All and all the schedules on that particular page will be selected. You can click on the Delete button to delete all the selected schedules.

To delete all the schedules from the streaming history, select Select All, then click on Select all schedules.

Click on the Delete button from top and all the schedules in your streaming history will be deleted.

You can also click on Clear Selections to deselect all the selected schedules.

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Updated on: 11/02/2022

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