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How to assign a new role and grant permissions to team member?

OneStream Live Team Management feature allows you to assign different roles and grant access of selected or all features to your team members as per your requirements.

Assigning a new team member role and granting permissions

On the left sidebar scroll down to the Team Management section, click Members and then click Add Member.

Click on the Settings icon.

Assign from the Existing roles or click on the Add New Role button on the top-right side to add a custom role.

Creating New Role

Add a profile name and description of new role and click on Permissions.

Grant permissions as per your requirements and click on Save as New

Schedule without approval and Schedule needs approval of Team Owner cannot be selected at the same time as it will be contradictory.

New role will be added successfully and can be assigned to team member(s) as per your choice.

You can add up to five new team member roles and grant permissions on them.

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Updated on: 11/11/2022

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