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How live sales work with OneStream Live Studio?

Creating a new live sales list and adding items to it

This feature is for professional plan users.

Click Live Sales on the control panel.

Click Add New List tab from the right side slide-bar.

A maximum of 9 lists can be added and each list can contain 3 sales items. List name and item names are mandatory to save the sales item details.

Enter list name, item name, upload item video/image item price, details regarding the item/product, item purchase link, and click on the Add to Staging button (to add the item details in the participant's panel) or click on the Add to Stream button (to add the stream in the overlay and to the live stream).

The resolution of the video/image can be 1080p and the allowed file size for video/image is 20 MB and 5 MB respectively.

Click on the Send the item link in chat checkbox to send the live sales item details to private or stream chat.

Deleting the live sales list

Click Live Sales from the control panel, click on the three dots, and click on the Delete option from the pop-up menu to delete the list.

Click Remove to delete the sales list.

At least 1 item must be in the list to create it so the first sales item can not be deleted/removed.

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Updated on: 03/03/2023

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