How Does OneStream Trial Works?

You must enter a valid Credit Card number to avail the free trial. The card will not be charged during the trial period.

You can downgrade or upgrade to any plan during the trial period.

Add-ons cannot be purchased during the trial period.

During the trial OneStream Live's logo will appear on all your pre-recorded streams. The logo will be removed automatically once the subscription is activated.

At the end of the trial period full amount will be charged and is non-refundable.

Sign up for a Trial Account

Log in to your OneStream account and click on the Start Trial button from the top right corner.

Choose the plan you wish to upgrade. Click the SELECT button and proceed to the billing portal.

Click Proceed To Checkout.

After filling out the credit card details, click the check-box of explicit consent and then click Upgrade Now.

If the plan is not cancelled before the trial period ends, the subscription will renew automatically each month and the full amount will be charged.

How to skip the trial?

1- Once your trial is activated, go to OneStream Dashboard and click on Skip Trial.

2- Click on Activate Subscription.

3- Your subscription will be activated.

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