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How do YouTube event announcement work?

YouTube event announcement does not work for Real-Time Live Streaming

YouTube event announcement:

YouTube sends announcement to the subscribers of a channel twice. First announcement is sent 30 mins before the start of a live stream and then a second announcement is sent when the live stream begins.

If your subscribers have clicked the bell button while subscribing to your channel they will always receive these announcements. If however they are only subscribers (but have not clicked the YouTube bell button) then they will only receive announcements occasionally. i.e for some live streams they will and for some live streams they may not receive any announcements.

This is determined by YouTube's own algorithms. If you want to be sure that your subscribers will receive announcements every time you have a live stream, make sure they press the bell button in YouTube.

Custom Event announcement in OneStream

When you create a YouTube live stream via OneStream and set up a custom announcement time of say 2 hour , then OneStream will create an event for you on YouTube 2 hour before the start of the live stream. ( The status of your stream goes from queued to preparing).

If you click this stream in your OneStream Scheduled tab, it will take you directly to the YouTube event. You can share this URL with your followers on different social media sites like Twitter or Facebook etc.

Those who click Set reminder button on the event will receive announcement for this particular event 2 times. Once 30 min before the start of stream and second time when the stream begins.

In Nutshell

Creating a custom event announcement for a YouTube video means that an event is created on your channel, at the selected time, before the start of the live stream. You can share that link to other websites and mediums to publicise your live stream and encourage users to click "Set reminder" button. It does not affect the announcements sent to YouTube channel subscribers.

Updated on: 06/02/2022

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