Change account email

Login to OneStream dashboard and click profile picture on the top right.
Click Profile

Click Change email

If you do not see change email button scroll down to Change email  button is not visible section

Enter your current password
Enter the new email address

Your OneStream login email address is now changed.

Change email button is not visible

If you have signed up with Facebook, then Change Email button will not be visible. Once you sign up with Facebook, there is no password stored against your Facebook email in our database.

In order to change your email address follow the below mentioned steps:

Sign out of OneStream and click Forget Password

Enter the email address associated with Facebook account with which you logged in to OneStream and click send reset link.

Check your email. Change your password by clicking password reset a link that is sent.

Now log in to OneStream with that email address and the new password that you just set. (Do not sign in via Facebook)

Now change your email address by following steps in the above section.

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