A team member has access to multiple video storages. His own video storage based on his subcription plan and the team owner's video storage.

On the left hand side bar click Videos to view all the video storages you have access to as a team member. If you are part of multiple teams, video storage of all the teams will be displayed here

Team member's view

When a team member creates a new schedule he is first asked where is wants to stream the video.

Video upload options for team member

If team member chooses team owner's account the video is uploaded to the team storage. If he chooses own accounts the video is uploaded to his own storage.

Videos a team member can see
A team member can only see videos uploaded by him or by other team members. The videos uploaded by team owner are not visible to any team member.

Videos team owner can see
A team owner can see all the videos uploaded by him or by his team members to the team storage.
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