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Facebook Live Crossposting

Facebook Live Crossposting

With cross-posting, your live stream on one page is reflected on other pages you crosspost to. This is slightly different than live streaming to multiple pages in parallel. In the case of crossposting, OneStream only sends one stream to Facebook and Facebook replicates it on other pages to.

How to crosspost a Facebook page live stream

Only professional plan users can use Crossposting feature.

Click on New Stream.

Upload a video. Add title, description and tags. Set time and date.

Scroll down and from Choose Social Account section choose social account and click Crosspost button.

Check the pages where you want the schedule to be crossposted and click Continue. Now press Schedule button to schedule the stream.

In schedules section you can see the pages where the stream will crosspost right next to the video thumbnail.

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Updated on: 12/31/2022

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