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Facebook Group Re-Authorization

Facebook Group Authorization

Live stream will fail if required permissions are not granted or groups are not authorized to be used for live streaming by OneStream.

Simplest way to authorize a group, is to disconnect and reconnect it to OneStream and follow all the steps. This is to avoid all the manual steps mentioned below.

Remember: Each group needs to be authorized separately.

Open the Group on which your stream failed.

Click Settings on the sidebar.

Scroll down to the Advanced Settings and click Apps.

If you see OneStream app already added continue to step 7
If you do not see OneStream added in the apps, continue to step 4

Click Add Apps

Search OneStream in the search field and click the OneStream app

Click Add button to add OneStream app. After adding the app successfully to the group, go back to the OneStream dashboard and stream normally.

If OneStream App is already connected

If you see OneStream app already added, click the app and Remove it.

After removing continue from step 4 again to re-add OneStream app.

If you need more help, live chat with support or email

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Updated on: 02/26/2022

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